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Meeting 2

March 5th, 2009

Meeting number 2 today. Various interested parties managed to get Managed Services on to the agenda for the start of the meeting. It was very clear that this was not a topic the consultants wanted us to spend any time talking about.

In fairness, despite some rather desperate pleas to “look at the bigger picture” coming from one corner, a very helpful discussion about Managed Services and what the likely outcomes of that would be was had.

Interestingly, a short section of the meeting discussed the possibility of working with the LA to form an alternative business case.

The outcome was that the consultants are to spell out to the Heads meeting that a MS is “part of the deal” (as this seems to have been omitted so far – conveniently?) and we will, for the time being, concentrate on vision. I think this is wise as before we can consider MS or an alternative, we should quantify what we want ICT to be like. (I feel a disagreement about individual devices for students coming on!)

It was disappointing that the representative from BHCCs ICT team wasn’t there. I feel he would have been able to provide some useful input.

Network Managers meeting is up next – so we’ll see how many other NMs have got wind of this 😀