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Ever need to clean a bunch of files off a filesystem? It’s easy enough as long as you know what the files are called.

However, there are certain types of files that some users might want to disguise on a server, which shouldn’t be there. FileHunter takes a folder full of files, “needles” and searches (optionally recursively) the directory “haystack” for occurances of those files – regardless of their filenames, extensions etc. It can then optionally remove those files too.

While it didn’t take me very long to write this, I thought it might be generally useful so it’s available here under GPL v3 or any later version.

It requires Python v2.5 or later and is only tested on Linux (Ubuntu 8.04) at the moment. It’s been run on a filesystem with about 160 needles and 2 million files in the haystack without incident. In theory it should work on Windows too but standard disclaimers apply.


There’s a newer version available here.

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