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Converting Windows VMWare machines to KVM

February 24th, 2010

I had to do some work on a Windows 2003 virtual server running on VMWare this week which is running on our old playground VMWare install (Server 1.0.4!) and it was sooooo slow I decided enough was enough and it was time to move it on to a sensible platform.

It actually turned out to be quite easy to convert from one platform to the other, with a bit of help from my old boss James Lidderdale.

  1. Shutdown the VMWare server and take a full backup
  2. Boot the VMWare server and uninstall VMWare tools
  3. Apply mergeide.reg registry patch to enable windows to boot on KVM virtual hardware. I’ve no idea where this came from. James had it. I’d like to credit the original author though! Rename .txt to .reg and then merge in as normal.
  4. Shutdown the VMWare server
  5. Convert the vmdk disk image to a single pre-allocated monolithic image:
    • vmware-vdiskmanager -r Server.vmdk -t 2 /some/other/folder/Server.vmdk
  6. Copy the resulting Server-flat.vmdk image over to your KVM server
  7. Now optionally convert the disk to a qcow2 file:
    • qemu-img convert Server-flat.vmdk -O qcow2 Server.qcow2
  8. Finally create a suitable virtual machine definition using that file as the main hard drive. If all went well you should see your VMWare machine boot inside KVM.

The first time I tried this it failed miserably. Turned out that the VMWare machine I was working with had snapshots associated with it. In my case, the disk I needed to flatten with vmware-vdiskmanager was actually Server-000001.vmdk. Once I figured that out it worked first time.