Direct Email to Schools – Why are scum

July 7th, 2010 by Alex Leave a reply »

It’s a fact of life that if you work in Education ICT once someone gets hold of your email address then it’s very hard to turn back the tide of unsolicited “opt-in” email lists that you find yourself subscribed to.

Generally it’s a case of clicking through an unsubscribe process for that company and you don’t hear from them again.

Not so with customers of School Emails. School Emails aka SchoolsRegister seem to be a particularly obnoxious company in the way that they deal with the email addresses they claim you have given them for inclusion in their listing.

In my dealings with them I have requested on 3 separate occasions via email and twice via their web form to be removed from their lists – yet I’m still bombarded by emails from their customers over a month on. They also refuse to tell me how they obtained my contact details and what opportunities I was given to opt-in or out of their service and on what dates.

Of particular note for being ignorant and unhelpful are PromoPrintUK aka who initially sent all their mailings with no unsubscription information, and then tried to tell me they have no control over who they send their bulk emailings to.

Their later mailings do finally carry unsubscription information, however it’s just a link back to SchoolEmails web form which we already know is studiously ignored by the company.

Other companies I’ve encountered using their services include WTA Education Services who are at least helpful in removing email addresses from their bulk mailings.

If you’re a company considering bulk-emailing schools, think long and hard before subjecting your potential customers to emails via SchoolEmails. They clearly don’t care – do you want your company to be associated with that attitude?

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  1. Andy C says:

    Sad tale.

    Can you report them to the Data Protection Registrar (with your valid concerns) ?

    Can you ask them to divulge all electronix information they hold on you (just to be awkward) ?

  2. Alex says:

    Hi Andy.

    I’ve asked. They tell me that as it’s a work email address it’s not covered by those sections of the DPA.

    Touch wood I’ve not heard from them since but if I do a call to the Information Commissioner will be the next step.


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