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Direct Email to Schools – Why are scum

July 7th, 2010

It’s a fact of life that if you work in Education ICT once someone gets hold of your email address then it’s very hard to turn back the tide of unsolicited “opt-in” email lists that you find yourself subscribed to.

Generally it’s a case of clicking through an unsubscribe process for that company and you don’t hear from them again.

Not so with customers of School Emails. School Emails aka SchoolsRegister seem to be a particularly obnoxious company in the way that they deal with the email addresses they claim you have given them for inclusion in their listing.

In my dealings with them I have requested on 3 separate occasions via email and twice via their web form to be removed from their lists – yet I’m still bombarded by emails from their customers over a month on. They also refuse to tell me how they obtained my contact details and what opportunities I was given to opt-in or out of their service and on what dates.

Of particular note for being ignorant and unhelpful are PromoPrintUK aka who initially sent all their mailings with no unsubscription information, and then tried to tell me they have no control over who they send their bulk emailings to.

Their later mailings do finally carry unsubscription information, however it’s just a link back to SchoolEmails web form which we already know is studiously ignored by the company.

Other companies I’ve encountered using their services include WTA Education Services who are at least helpful in removing email addresses from their bulk mailings.

If you’re a company considering bulk-emailing schools, think long and hard before subjecting your potential customers to emails via SchoolEmails. They clearly don’t care – do you want your company to be associated with that attitude?

School Christmas Dinner Photo

December 18th, 2009

There’s been a literally a submission for the “best school Christmas dinner” crown:

My Christmas School Dinner, Longhill High School

My Christmas School Dinner, Longhill High School

So here’s the first, and to date only entry. From me! Longhill High School by Innovate Ltd. I can honestly say it’s the best school Christmas dinner I’ve had in recent times.

Turkey roll, stuffing ball,  roast and boiled potatoes, carrots, sprouts and parsnips with gravy. Pudding was Christmas pudding and custard.

Well worth a mention were the parsnips. They were so sweet – absolutely delcious. Apparently they’re cooked in oil and honey which explains it.

If you’ve taken a pic of your Christmas Dinner, send it over along with a short review if you like and I’ll add it on!

Best School Christmas Dinner

December 13th, 2009

At work our canteen is due to be enlarged next year as we can’t seat all the students during a lunchbreak.

So next week we’ve got a Christmas dinner marathon – with the festive meal three days on the trott – and I was wondering how these three dinners will stack up against the school dinners available nationwide.

I therefore call all school staff to forward me a photo of your school chrismas dinner. I’ll stick them up here and we can see who’s getting the best deal!

Cold Callers

November 24th, 2009

It’s 14:15, I should be working, but as I’ve been interrupted twice in the last 15 minutes by <Insert Person Name> from <Insert Company I’ve never heard of> who’s been working with a number of local schools, including ones we exclusively support, I thought I’d take another 2 minutes to express my frustration here.

Five top tips for technology companies calling schools:

  1. Don’t call me. It’s invasive and likely to make me think of your company as desperate for business. Most of the companies we deal with regularly are as a result of word of mouth recommendations or me calling those companies. There is a reason for that.
  2. Don’t bend the truth. If you’re working in a local school then tell me which one but PLEASE don’t try and pretend that you’re big around here when you aren’t. You will be found out.
  3. Don’t post me something and then phone to find out if I got it. Royal Mail are very efficient when it comes to delivering your unsolicited junk to the school, and our lovely post-person is very efficient at getting it to my pigeon hole. I’m equally efficient at getting it from the pigeon hole to the recycling box.
  4. If you simply must phone, please have something interesting to say. Asking me for my 3 year requirements is not my idea of a good use of 10 minutes. We have internal reviews and Becta SRF for that thank you.
  5. Finally if I say I’m not interested in your company, and request that you don’t call again, please respect my wishes. Yes I’m looking at you IT Index/Probrand or whatever you’re called right now. Oh, and getting someone else from the same sales team to call doesn’t excuse this.

Rant over. If that saves me ONE cold call it’ll have paid for itself.